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Testimonials – April 2016 “Cherry Blossom” Japan Architecture, Art and Culture Tour

Robert Day Travel Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 2

I’d been keen to visit Japan for some time, and my plan was to tour with a group of people interested in the cultural aspects of Japan. I wanted to experience both modern and historical Japan, try a variety of Japanese cuisines, travel ‘with the locals’ and meet some Japanese people, and stay several nights at a time in comfortable hotels. The 2016 Cherry Blossom tour with Robert Day Travel ticked all the boxes. We used Japan’s speedy and efficient public transport throughout. Robert’s knowledge of the transport system and his coordination of our travel meant that we saw more in the time available, whilst affording the opportunity to mix with Japanese people as they went about their daily lives. The food arrangements were ideal: a generous breakfast was served at our hotel and we had the opportunity to dine on Japanese foods of our choice in the evening.   The days were busy, and we usually grabbed something on the run, such as a bento box, sandwich or bowl of noodles. Our group of fourteen were enthusiastic and good-humoured travellers— culturally aware, interested in the country and its people, and eager to learn about Japanese customs and traditions. The cherry blossoms were magnificent and the Japanese gardens were sublime. Eleanor – Retired academic and CEO. Melbourne, Australia.

To find out more information about our April 2017 “Cherry Blossom” Japan Tour or any other upcoming Japan Tours, contact us at http://www.japanarchitecturetours.com/contact-us.html

My husband and I (both architects) thoroughly enjoyed our extended art and architecture tour of Japan with Robert Day. The tour exposed us to a tremendous amount of city, building and garden design, art, countryside and culture, all from the very old to the very new. Robert’s organization was phenomenal – we saw more quantity and quality wise (e.g. x4) than we could ever have managed on our own. Wear comfortable shoes, though, and plan to run! Our fellow guests were all very interesting, many of them Aussies with their great outlook on life. The hotels were mid range, as were many of the meals. We really appreciated the emphasis on ‘doing’ rather than ‘staying’ and ‘eating’. Despite having just about the all time worst weather, our trip was a blast! And, we can’t wait to go back! Janet and Patrick – Architects. Vancouver, Canada.

Robert Day Travel Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 1

I went on the Robert Day Travel April tour with three friends and though we had travelled to Japan previously  creating our own itinerary, this time we decided to find someone with like interests to do the work for us so that we could maximise the experience. We were not disappointed. I found Robert’s extensive knowledge of Japanese culture and language skills invaluable, discovering and enjoying far more than would have been possible without his assistance (this included ‘the smallest bar’ in Tokyo where a delicious single malt or two was enjoyed and a memorable ‘Tuna Tasting’ at the Tokyo fish markets along with many other culinary delights). The carefully considered but flexible itinerary worked beautifully. While in Kanazawa a scheduled and much anticipated visit to the renowned Kenrokuen Garden was effortlessly  rearranged  to avoid predicted unsuitable weather and so full appreciation and enjoyment of that highlight was achieved. As an artist the visual delights of Japan at Cherry Blossom time were inspirational plus the  contemporary and modernist architecture of Tadao Ando Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Yoshio Taniguchi’s D.T.Suzuki Museum gave insightful comparisons when viewed in close proximity to traditional Japanese architecture. An exhibition at the National Art Centre in Tokyo of the brilliant clothing and fabric designs of combo Ikko Yanaka and Issey Miyake was another highlight along with visiting the house and studio of esteemed potter Kawai Kanjiro in Kyoto. Robert’s care and attention to the needs of the group were much appreciated as was his patience and cheerful demeanour. I could wax lyrical about many more of the tour highlights but for me the big plus was how inspired and motivated I felt about exploring new directions in my art when I returned to my studio.Thank you Robert and I hope to join one of your future Japan tours. Christine – Artist, Lake Macquarie N.S.W. Australia

I went on Robert Day’s Cherry Blossom Tour in April 2016 with 3 friends who were interested in a small tour organized by an experienced tour leader. For people who don’t like tours this is a good compromise as the groups are small, made up of like-minded people. The other benefit is that the smallness of the group means Robert can be flexible and adjust the tour to suit peoples’ wishes and allow for a quiet day if needed. We saw some amazing contemporary architecture, art, ancient castles, temples and beautiful gardens. Because Robert had worked in Japan he not only speaks Japanese but also understands the culture. Importantly he also could direct us to good places to eat, to enjoy authentic Japanese food. My friends and I extended our tour and Robert made sure we could get there and back and booked our excellent hotel. Altogether the whole tour was very enjoyable and we were especially thrilled to see cherry blossoms in all their glory! Liz – Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia

Robert Day Travel Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 3

Springtime in Japan 2016. After many years of planning a visit to Japan, (and always with Robert Day Tours!), I joined a small group of likeminded Japanologists, with our main interest being Architecture. Magically, we were a fun caring group, in some cases with 20 years difference in ages. The weather was perfect for the pace of Robert’s well planned activities, always using public transport. Both JR (Japan Rail) and the city subways (which are a modern marvel) and with Roberts guidance, we never missed train. Even when a backpack was left on the fast Shinkansen train. Honesty is endemic in Japan. This was proven to us when Robert immediately reported the bag missing. He spoke with the station master and explained it’s position within the carriage, which was hurtling towards Tokyo. It was returned ‘complete’ on the next return-train, then we were able to move onto our country destination. Accommodation in all four cities were in great positions, with the last being a country hotel sporting a ‘Japanese bath house’, inclusive of an outdoor tub area. Language differences were always transcended by polite and amused patience, along with sign-language and good humour. Hanami (flower watching) was a constant activity, and now forever on my iPhone, as visual memories for me to access, when traveling on my local Melbourne trams. Oh! Cleanliness is everywhere, one learns ‘to keep your own rubbish’ till you can bin it!! and there is an enormous amount of packaging encasing ‘take away’ from breakfast through to dinner. Throughout the 14 DAYS, I never saw a homeless person, or drunken idiot. But maybe ‘the granny hours’ I kept, stopped me from experiencing those stressful occurrences which most often happen late at night. Food, a small sushi restaurant close to our Ginza hotel had ‘the best ever’ sushi experience. The service, the interior, but mostly for the memorable taste and variety of fish served. Altogether these experiences are never to be repeated again…..not even in Melbourne, which has been voted four times “the most liveable city in the world”. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the Japan Cherry Blossom Tour with Robert Day to anyone with an interest in the life and culture of Japan. Jane – Retired business owner. Melbourne, Australia

To find out more information about our April 2017 “Cherry Blossom” Japan Tour or any other upcoming Japan Tours, contact us at http://www.japanarchitecturetours.com/contact-us.html


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