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Kodaiji Temple Kyoto – Japan Architecture Art and Culture Tour

At Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto the gravel garden in front of the Main Hall is changed several times throughout the year. I wonder what it will be in November when we visit with our next Japan Tour. Why not join us on the tour and find out for yourself. Click her for more information about the November 2015 Japan Tour http://www.robertdaytravel.com/upcoming-tours.html#top

Kodaiji View 1.1Kodaiji View 2.1Kodaiji View 1.2Kodaiji View 2.2Kodaiji View 1.3Kodaiji View 2.3Kodaiji View 1.4Kodaiji View 2.4Kodaiji View 1.5Kodaiji View 2.5Kodaiji View 2.6Kodaiji View 3.1Kodaiji View 3.2


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