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2015 “Cherry Blossom” Japan Tour – Architecture, Art, Design and Culture

Cherry Blossom Tour

The 2015 “Cherry Blossom” Japan Tour focusing on Architecture, Art, Design and Culture was a great success. We spend 16 days exploring Tokyo, Kawagoe, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawagoe, Kanazawa and Naoshima. For everyone it was a truly memorable Japanese experience enjoying  interesting architecture, great art, Japanese gardens, delicious food and the wonderful Japanese culture. If you have ever wanted to visit Japan, then now is the time to book your place on our next Japan Tour. Contact us at http://www.robertdaytravel.com/contact-us.html April Japan Tour1 April Japan Tour2 April Japan Tour3

April Japan Tour5April Japan Tour4 April Japan Tour6 April Japan Tour7 April Japan Tour8 April Japan Tour9 April Japan Tour10 April Japan Tour11 April Japan Tour12 April Japan Tour13 April Japan Tour14 April Japan Tour15 April Japan Tour16 April Japan Tour17 April Japan Tour18 April Japan Tour19 April Japan Tour20 April Japan Tour21 April Japan Tour22 April Japan Tour23 April Japan Tour24 April Japan Tour25 April Japan Tour26 April Japan Tour27 April Japan Tour28 April Japan Tour29 April Japan Tour30 April Japan Tour31 April Japan Tour32 April Japan Tour33 *(Cost excludesrately determined and therefore it should be noted and accepted that there is the possibility that the cherry blossoms may not actually be in bloom during the period of the tour. The actual viewing of cherry blossoms cannot be guaranteed.


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