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Amusing Engrish – Japan Architecture Tours

One of the more entertaining aspects of the Japan Architecture Tours is the interesting English that can be seen on signage, T-shirts, menus and other things as we travel around Tokyo and other parts of Japan. Commonly it’s know as Engrish and can produce a reaction ranging from a mild chuckle to hysterical laughter. Engrish signs help to add that extra dimension of enjoyment to the Japan Architecture Tours.

Here are a few examples.

“Live for tomorrow then”

“How else would you be in Ginza?”

“Just try to be injured some of the time please”

“I feel enthusiastically ambivalent about this”

“Enjoy some Womb of Pork and other dericious things”

“I’m not sure what to say here”

“How do they train the sushi to stand?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it”

“I understand perfectly”


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